Restaurant or homemade?

Does this look to you like soup you would order in a restaurant?  It does to me, but this is the absolute easiest and delicious homemade soup.

photo (2)

I have to admit it’s a bit of cheating because I am using the Swanson boxed hot and sour broth I discovered recently. 


But when something is this easy and tastes so good, why not???  There isn’t even a recipe here.  I poured 2 boxes of the broth into a large pot, 1 box of pre-sliced mushrooms, 1/4 bag lentils, a few handfuls of spinach, and 2 packages shiritaki noodles.  You let it come to a boil and then simmer for 30 minutes.  BOOM lunch (or dinner)  is ready!  It’s a bit spicy so I am the only one in my house who eats it, but it makes me enough for several lunches.  And of course you can add whatever your heart desires to this broth though!

What are shiritaki noodles?  I absolutely LOVE them. They are tofu noodles.  May sound gross, especially to someone who doesn’t like tofu (I love tofu though),  but once cooked they taste like any other noodle!  The benefit is that they are extremely low carb and low calorie.  Perfect for watching your weight but feeling like you are eating someting yummy.  When you open the bag, pour them into a colander and rinse them.  BEWARE it smells like fish so don’t be turned off LOL.  I promise it has no hint of fish taste once cooked.  I like to cut them with a scissor too – makes for easier eating with a spoon.  I prefer the fettuccini noodles because I like wide noodles in my soup.


Seriously, I am addicted to this soup.  Try it!



About Stacey Tashjian

I am a mom of 2, happily married, work full time, and one of my favorite things to do is cook elaborate meals on the weekends! I also love to read, I'm a movie junkie, and if I win the lottery I will spend a good portion of my time traveling the world! Soccer has also been a great love of mine - I still play soccer (run a league in NJ) and have been playing since I was 4.
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1 Response to Restaurant or homemade?

  1. Ani says:

    Homemade soup really could not be easier. Just dump everything you like together and let her go!

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